Inspiring Passion For Evangelism

The purpose of this tool is to inspire passion for evangelism. Evangelism by itself is not a program or an event.
It is only means to an end, not an end itself. Evangelism is an outflow of what God is doing in the hearts of His people.
This must be backed with prayer. The devil will not give up it’s lawful captive free.
Isa 49:24-25; Mt 12:29; Mk 3:27

Operation Andrew was named after the disciple who introduced his brother Peter, to Jesus (Jn 1:40-41). In Operation Andrew, members distribute a simple card with a space to write seven names of others who need salvation. People then commit to pray for those listed.

Operation Andrew focuses on prayerfully motivated evangelism by encouraging you to do the following:

LOOK AROUND your mission field where you live, work or go to school
LOOK UP because God changes people through prayer
LOOK OUT for ways to cultivate friendship with each person, with the intention of sharing your faith.
LOOK FORWARD by inviting those on your list to special church services.
LOOK AFTER and encourage those who respond to Christ or who even begin to show interest in the gospel. Continue to love and pray for those who do not respond.

Here’s how you can use Operation Andrew in your congregation:
1. Have a special service where the pastor teaches about Operation Andrew. Distribute two Operation Andrew cards to each person at the service.
2. Ask people to write down the names of people for whom they are committing to pray – for salvation.
3. Ask people to demonstrate a tangible commitment, such as coming forward and leaving one copy of their card in a special place at your church.
4. Schedule specific times for the congregation to bring their Operation Andrew cards. Pray together for the salvation of others.
5. Challenge the congregation to invite those on their Operation Andrew cards to specific evangelistic services.

These steps properly executed will inspire evangelism. Remember, evangelism is not a program; it flows from personal, godly relationships. It’s not an accident; it is intentional, and it is powered through prayer.