July 2022 – The Audacity of Praise

I welcome you to the seventh month of this year themed “The Siege is Over.” In the words of Psalm 47:1, “Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!” for bringing us this far. In the past few months…

June 2022 – Talitha Cumi

I welcome you to the sixth month of the year 2022 themed “The Siege is Over.” God spoke to us about “Glory” in March, “The 4 Dimensions of the Holy Spirit” in April, and “Dominion–Winning Secrets” in May.

May 2022 – Dominion Winning Secrets

We welcome you to the fifth month of this year in which every siege in our lives has been terminated. Last month, the LORD taught us the methodology and explosive power of the four dimensions of the Holy Spirit. Notably, the Holy…

March 2022 – Glory

I welcome you to the third month of the year themed “The Siege is Over.” In February, the LORD spoke to us about “The Limitless Life.” Ultimately, the plan of God is that you live in glory and honor (Psalm 8:4-5).

February 2022 – Limitless Life

I welcome you to the second month of the year 2022. The siege is over, and we have started breathing fresh air. Now, our blossoming and flourishing has started (maritally, financially, spiritually, physically, and numerically, etc.), in Jesus’ Name.

January 2022 – The Siege is Over

Beloved, this is a bright new year the LORD has brought us into and how wonderful that the theme for the year in RCCG is “The Siege is Over.” We are very grateful to God for seeing us through the year 2021 with all the ups and downs, unprecedented events…

December 2021 – Blessings Of The Latter Rain

I welcome you to the last month of the year 2021. Left to the devil, none of us would have seen this December. The COVID-19 pandemic, particularly its new variant, wreaked havoc, but Jesus reigns still!

November 2021 – Fight for your family!

This month we want to focus on the family, because while we may not be able to do anything about our ancestors, God is depending on us for our descendants. Isaiah 59:21 says, “As for Me, this is My covenant with them…